The Wellbeing Coach

Do you sometimes get clients with ‘stuff’ that feels outside your remit to deal with as a practitioner?
Yet on some level you know that it is that ‘stuff’ that is holding them back? 

Do you find that many of your clients come a few times and then just disappear – and you just don’t get to make the difference you really want to make?

Would you LOVE to have a client stay with you for 6, 9 or maybe 12 months?
So that you can really support them effectively to achieve the health, vitality and outcomes they would love?

Would you like to get referrals and attract clients more easily from other practitioners
 (rather than losing your clients to them)

And would you like to feel confident to support a client through to their desired outcomes,- no matter what they came to you for?


Many practitioners as gifted and trained as they are often find that clients simply do not stick with them until they get the outcomes they hoped for, and what we have found having worked within this industry for many years is that there are a number of reasons this happens.

The most important and key element is COACHING.

Those practitioners who have coaching in their toolkit – are transforming how they work as practitioners, and as a result are:

Now as a practitioner this of course then means they are creating a consistent flow of clients, a more profitable business – which means many who worked another job are able to release that – as they are attracting more clients. Which means they are now stepping up and making the difference they knew they could make in the world, sharing their gifts and talents with those who really need thier help.

Now Coaching on its own isn't enough. There are 4 key areas to the success of practitioners and coaches who are embracing the new paradigm shift and new way of working.

When you embrace the 4 key areas of the new wellbeing coaching model,then your ability as a practitioner/coach to not only create the transformation in your client’s life, but your business as well becomes so much more achievable.

The C R Model - Cross Referral

Many practitioners/coaches have lots of tools, and are able to support many aspects of a client’s needs. However no practitioner can truly do everything – and you wouldn’t want to – you wouldn’t feel confident going to see a doctor who said – I’m also a plumber and a carpenter too would you?

So the key here is instead of losing your clients to other practitioners because you are not able to deal with nutrition, or structural issues with their back for example – you work in conjunction with them to holistically approach the 8 elements essential for wellbeing – to enable your client to effectively get all the support they need, so they stick with YOU, rather than leave you to go to another practitioner. So you work together, whilst maintaining your client. And simply cross refer where necessary. And this is where wellbeing coaching becomes the foundation for you to be able to do this effectively as you are working within the 8 elements. And coaching also enables you to approach some areas that until now may have been out of your remit. 

Become an Expert

When you become an expert within a niche. Then you become known for what you do, for getting results and therefore people know WHY and WHO they need to send to you. In today’s market people are looking for a specialist – and if you don’t stand out for something you will get lost on the sea of the thousands of other generalist practitioners out there – and the clients that really need YOUR help – will never be able to find you. STAND OUT from the crowd by being known for what YOU do! Wellbeing coaching being part of what will enable you to stand out from the crowd as an expert in your field.

Tools Vs Benefits

Many practitioners and coaches talk about their tools. Life Coach, Reflexologist, Reiki, Nutritional Therapy – these are all very valuable – however to the client – they don’t mean anything. What the client wants to know is HOW can you fix their pain? So in other words HOW and WHY to your  tools benefit them.  Wellbeing coaching creates a framework that all your powerful tools fit within – and we share with you a simple structure to use that shows your clients exactly how your tools can benefit them to take them towards the end results that they would love. Therefore making you stand out as an expert! 

Wellbeing Packages

Would you agree that clients are always looking for results?. And going from one practitioner to another  can be hit and miss. Especially in the fast paced stressful world we now find ourselves in – working holistically is the only way to truly get the results most people are looking for. So a complete paradigm shift and a new way of working is to by combining the cross referral system, talking benefits, and offering a complete wellbeing package – immediately sets you apart from the crowd and sets you up as an expert.

It is allows your client to have complete confidence in you and your ability to support them through to get the results they would love. Working with a client for 1 or 2 appointments is never going to get them the results they require. So offering 6, 9 or 12 months packages with wellbeing coaching being the foundation to weave all your therapies around, is a way that you can truly embrace all your gifts and make the difference you know you were born to make!!

Background on Coaching

Coaching has become one of the fastest growing interventions within business. In fact the trend to embrace a coaching culture is growing year on year. According to the most recent report from The CIPD [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 71% of organisations are using coaching. 2 organisations from that 71% that have adopted coaching as part of their culture are Kimberley Clark and Lloyds TSB. From our own experience in providing training for organisations such as Universities, the Public sector including government and the NHS as well as Schools, have borne out those statistics. All of them recognise the effectiveness of coaching on individuals lives. Running parallel with organisational or business coaching is life coaching which empowers individuals seeking to make specific changes in areas of their lives.

Wellbeing Coaching

As a practitioner in your own field you are committed to working with clients on a daily basis to achieve an improvement in their wellbeing. You use your tools be that Homeopathy, Reiki or whatever you know will help that client to feel better.  One of the major frustrations can be that you can see the changes they need to make, maybe you advise and recommend only to find that in many cases they resist the very thing you know will help them the most!

That is where coaching skills come in and specifically Wellbeing coaching. If we are to build a reputation for getting results with clients then it makes sense to utilise this tool that is so powerful that industry leaders all over the world are willing to pay for their workforce to take time out of their working day to receive coaching

Well-Being Coaching is an innovative approach that you can use with clients that ensures clients access their inner resources, take responsibility and make those shifts proactively and willingly. This enhances your own effectiveness with clients making phenomenal shifts in short both you and they see results meaning your reputation as an effective practitioner grows exponentially.

Why Does Coaching make a difference?

Because coaches have the tools and techniques to help a client tap into their own motivation to achieve their health and wellbeing goals. If you have ever tried to motivate another person you will notice two things.

1. It can be very tiring
2. The results are usually short lived and frustrating

For people to take action they have to discover their own motivation. One area this has transformed is working with clients with chronic exhaustive conditions like M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We have been teaching practitioners to integrate coaching into their work with these clients and the results they are getting have been quite amazing.

Therefore we now offer a fully accredited ‘Wellbeing Coaching Programme’ for practitioners  It embraces a truly holistic approach to wellbeing coaching using models of coaching designed to greatly enhance your own effectiveness and accelerate results  you achieve with clients. 
As a *Certified or Accredited Wellbeing Coach You will:

About our Professional Coach Training Programme

The Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing Coaching Accreditation

This programme is a cutting edge Coaching Programme for Therapists and Practitioners and those keen to work within the Complementary and Alternative field.

Programme Content Overview

Expert Training From:

Elaine Wilkins - Co-Founder of The Chrysalis Effect. 
With over 20 years experience in the personal   
development and coaching arena. Elaine will be taking you on your 6 day coaching journey, introducing you to other experts along the way and training you in areas of her own expertise - such as relationships, self esteem and confidence

Liz Dyde - Relationship, Pain and Bereavement Coach
Liz is a relationship coach for relate and specialist in releasing emotional pain. How many of your clients struggle with relationship issues? Liz will also
enable you to handle bereaved clients instead of having to refer to counsellors.

Nick Williams - Author of many books including 'The Work You Were Born To Do'
Nick will be delving in to Life Purpose, and connecting you and your clients to that vital must have, your true life purpose.

Once you have completed ‘The Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing certification training programme you will

*Every candidate will be certified
*Accreditation is optional and will require submission of a written assignment and a fee to accrediting body.

Delivery - Accelerated Learning - 9 DVD's coupled with a tailored mentoring programme and interactive webinars

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