The Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner Training

The Accredited Practitioner Programme combines the key elements of the comprehensive online programme with practical and interactive techniques in a supportive and dynamic environment. You will gain a solid theoretical foundation with hands on practical application delivered by trainers who are all experts in their field many of whom have recovered them-selves from a chronic exhaustive condition.

Becoming a specialist is much more than understanding a condition and having tools and protocols to use. There are key elements to enable you to effectively make the transition from a generalist to a specialist. It requires a mind-set shift around fee structure, parameters of practice and vitally a focused marketing approach to enable you to effectively attract more clients, maintain them to recovery and therefore transform more lives. In the process you will be in full possession of what it takes to create a lifestyle business that is in line with your dreams and values.

Become an Expert

When you become an expert within a niche. Then you become known for what you do, for getting results and therefore people know WHY and WHO they need to send to you. If you get frustrated when client's practitioner or therapy hop because they are waiting for the magic cure, then this training will enable you to understand why that happens and how to stop it. So that you take the lead giving people hope and belief in recovery.

About our Specialist Training Programme

This programme is a cutting edge Programme for Therapists and Practitioners, or those who have completely recovered from M.E, CFS and/or Fibromyalgia and there fore have had first hand experience, and those keen to work within the Complementary and Alternative field specialising in clients with Chronic Exhaustive Conditions.

Programme Content Overview

Module 1- FHT Accredited Online Practitioner Training (Starts as soon as you secure your place)

Module 2-  ILM Accredited Wellbeing Coaching (Optional - also available as Stand-alone training)
Module 3 - The Physical Recovery

Module 4 – The Emotional Recovery Journey

Module 5 – Building your specialist Recovery Business

Additional support

Expert Training From:

Elaine Wilkins - Co-Founder, Author and Director of The Chrysalis Effect. 

Elaine suffered for 6 years from severe M.E/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this illness meant she had to give up her training business and sell her home. It was a long and arduous journey to regain her health. Her constant frustration during those years was the recognition that there was no real treatment plan or comprehensive approach. This has fuelled her determination to create centres of Excellence dedicated to offering recoverers the multi-disciplinary approach and expertise required for intervention and expedient recovery.
Now completely well she believes that those 6 years have shaped the person she is today. Her passion and mission is to teach the recovery process to those people whose lives have been blighted by chronic exhaustive conditions and to train practitioners to help sufferers get their lives back. ‘That period of my life taught me that authenticity and a balanced life is the key to lasting Health and Happiness’
‘Elaine is An accredited coach, qualified Trainer and author. Her book Finding ME was published in 2012. Her ‘Step Out Step Up’ Wellbeing through Empowerment programme for Women has taught hundreds of women the importance of self- belief and self –care.
She has two grown up children Kelly and Kristian and two grandchildren Josh and Olly and has been happily married to her husband Rob for 28 years.


Emma Chapman-Sharp - Chrysalis Effect Practitioner and Naturopath

Emma is a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner running a specialist Clinic in M.E, CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery in Lewes in East Sussex called ‘Wellbeing For M.E’. She is a highly experienced Nutritional therapist and international naturopath running clinics in Australia and now the UK. Emma loves the detective work of accessing the direct cause of clients’ conditions and is passionate about teaching practitioners how to help their clients more effectively.



Liz Dyde - Health Coach Specialising in Pain
Liz practices as a Health Coach specialising in pain and stress illness. An BACP accredited Counsellor who started to treat physical pain when she began to see links between emotional pain and physical pain. Liz recovered fully from Fibromyalgia and believes that we are all unique individuals and that we respond to different therapies in our own unique way too. One size does not fit all in this work! For that reason she combines therapies such as EFT and Hypnotherapy as they complement her work .
Liz says ‘Helping people to recover from pain and illness, which is stopping them enjoying life to the full, is one of the best jobs there is. Liz also specialises in Relationships as a highly experienced counsellor and coach for Relate for the last 10 years. Liz is based in Stratford upon Avon and thanks to the wonders of technology has clients in different parts of the country too.

Diana Powley - Hypnotherapist

Diana is a recovered ME sufferer. It led to the breakdown of her marriage and family. At her worst she was in a wheelchair and with a carer. Prior to that she had a successful career in HR in multiple fashion retailing. As part of her recovery Diana had to remove herself from the chronic stress in the marriage. After a couple of years as a semi-recluse she discovered the beneficial effects of Aloe Vera. She went on the Anthony Robbins Mastery University Programme and studied NLP and Hypnotherapy as she had learnt the power of having the mind working for you instead of against you.

Since that time she has gone on to help over 1000 clients – private, corporate and internationally.
She has added EFT and EMDR to her skill base as well as the study of how these skills can benefit ME sufferers. Diana has since then enjoyed helping sufferers to get back their lives.


Janie Perry - Chrysalis Effect Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist

Janie has fully recovered from ME/CFS herself and after a career in IT management, She re-trained as a Naturopath & Nutritional therapist. She is extremely passionate about all areas of natural health and healing, and very happy to be part of the Chrysalis Effect team and helping those with ME/CFS to regain their health and happiness. Janie is also a Yoga teacher and likes to incorporate movement as well as her other specialisms when working with her clients.


Wenche Beard - Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher

Wenche was born in Norway, has lived and worked in California and now lives in the UK with her husband and two children.

Wenche is a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher(BWY), Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP), Sound Healer, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT), Meditation and Inner Journey Work Facilitator, Thai foot Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master.

Wenche is a gifted healer and therapist who loves her work.

Wenche shows great love and compassion to the people she works with thus creating a calm and safe environment for healing. Her aim through yoga and other practices is to help us find our self love and acceptance thus bringing us back to who we really are.

Once you have completed ‘The Chrysalis Effect Specialist training programme you will

*Every candidate will be Accredited

Delivery - Accelerated Learning - 7 DVD's coupled with a tailored mentoring programme and interactive webinars and supervision.

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