“The 7 Secrets to Attracting, and Transforming the Lives of
More Clients, More Easily, More Often!!”

Welcome to your E-book,

Thank you so much for coming on through to this ebook, you will also have a copy emailed to you to keep. My aim is to share some insights with you that will enable you to more effectively work with clients with chronic exhaustive conditions, to not only transform their lives, but in the process transform your business.  The more effective you are at supporting these clients – you will attract more of them. Our vision in Pioneering M.E, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery is a global one, and cannot be achieved without dedicated practitioners like YOU!

So are you ready for your first secret?

Secret Number 1 – Become a Specialist not a Generalist

Ok – let me ask you a question?
Who is your ideal client?

Was your answer, anyone who has health challenges?

Or was it more specific?

Remember I said when I was suffering from M.E, CFS I couldn’t find anyone to help support me through to recovery? When I searched online under M.E, CFS help or support – would I have found you?

If I hadn’t suffered with M,E and had Diabetes, or Adrenal Fatigue, would I have found you?

There are over 1.2  million  Google searches each month on M.E/CFS and 1.8 million on Fibromyalgia alone,  yet they can’t find you….the truth is when you have a specific condition you search for someone who is a specialist in that field.

Now I often hear people say Yes but……
If I specalise in M.E or Diabetes or whatever I choose, what about the rest of my clients or potential clients?

So let me ask you this


How is that working out for you right now?

Is being a generalist filling up your diary and creating a waiting list?

If the answer is Yes fantastic! You probably may not need to read any further If your answer is NO However– then think about this….

If you had a brain tumor (sorry that's a bit serious I know – but bear with me)
And you had the option to see a general doctor who said I can fit you in tomorrow, it will be £150, oh and if you need anything else done while you are under, maybe a nip and tuck – I can do that too?
Or would you choose a brain tumour specialist with a history of working with brain tumours – with a potential waiting list (not too long if it's life threatening of course) and said it will be £3000! Who would you choose?

See the difference – and the price is irrelevant – not because in this example it's life threating – but because it’s about perceived value.

A specialist gives you confidence in their ability, a generalist doesn’t. so as a specialist you can charge more, and specialist tend to have waiting list because they are sought after!

So are you attracting any of those 1.2 million sufferers? There are over 250,000 sufferers of M.E just in the UK alone (that are diagnosed). If you’re not attracting them –it could be because they don’t know about YOU and how YOU can help them. But I will tell you more about that in the next secret…

Now there are ways in which you can choose your specialist area, and certain aspects that make attracting your potential clients effortless…. and when you do…. Watch out world!!

Secret No 2 - Tools v’s Benefits

Think for a moment about your own tool kit. Now how many of these can you tick?

•    Nutritional Therapy
•    Homeopathy
•    Reflexology
•    EFT
•    Indian Head Massage
•    Massage
•    Acupuncture
•    Osteopathy
•    Hypnotherapist
•    Reiki
•    Crystal Healing

The list is endless with the amount of therapies there are today

So when talking to someone about what you do, do you say
Hi my name is … I’m a Nutritional Therapist, or I’m a homeopath and I also do Reiki, reflexology and Indian Head Massage?

When talking to clients with Chronic Exhaustive conditions, - that doesn’t mean a thing.

Now to you – that list represents many years of study, hard work and investment, however all I wanted to know when I was suffering and bed bound for many months was, how can you help me?

I was referred to dietitian by my GP, who gave me a diet plan.  Because I already ate fairly healthily I did not see the reason for changing my diet.  I never saw a nutritional therapist – until year 6 into my condition because I never understood or had awareness of I had no awareness of the benefits a nutritional therapist could give me.  That delay meant that I when I eventually consulted a nutritional therapist I discovered I had  parasites and candida which had been creating so many issues for me for so long –  So nutritional therapy was just a name, a tool – that did not attract me because in those years I was ill I had no understanding of the benefit.

So here’s the thing….


The title of what you do is the tool or tools that you use like nutritional therapy, or homeopathy – but when you talk to a potential client talks about the benefits they give…

So let’s take this example. Imagine you are speaking to a potential client.

''Using nutritional therapy – I am able to easily assess through certain testing, what could be causing many of your distressing symptoms, there could be candida, parasites or other underlying issues.  Once we can access the cause, then we can tailor a programme to deal with each area one at a time. When we  address these underlying causes, symptoms begin to dissolve allowing your body  to regain your energy and vitality, and I will be there to support you every step of the way!!’’'

Now if a nutritional therapist had said that to me, instead of I’m a nutritional therapist – I would have booked there and then!!

However, I also would have left them to go and see someone else… which leads me onto Secret number 3.

But before I do that, the key to talking benefits and not tools is also linked to your specialism and who YOU are, when you connect all of these together to create the perfect purpose pitch– that’s when you UNLOCK the key to client attraction!!

So let’s take a look at your next secret…..

Secret Number 3 - Creating your own Referral Team

So you’re helping your client with Homeopathy, reflexology, nutritional therapy, or whatever therapies you use, they are making great progress, they have seen you once or twice,

Then they are gone…

What did you do? – Or was it what you didn’t do?

This goes hand in hand with Secret number 5 which I will get onto in a minute, but first let’s look at what you may not have in place right now which means these clients leave you – before you make the real difference you know in your heart you can make!!

Bear with me when you read this next paragraph – I will explain. When you have a client that has a chronic exhaustive condition such as M.E, CFS, Fibromyalgia, or Adrenal fatigue, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, or Homeopathy alone will not be enough to get your client to recovery.

Trust me I know, I was that client… I practitioner hopped. Have you experienced that with your clients?
And what’s more thousands of clients going through this journey do the same thing. Practitioner hopping is the trademark of these clients – until now.

Why is that?


These multifaceted conditions require a multi- faceted approach. One practitioner alone cannot support these types of clients through to recovery –There are 8 Key areas that have to be tackled through the 6 phases of recovery to enable them to regain their health which requires a team approach via a referral network.

So once you know what the benefits are of your therapies, and you understand the 8 areas and the phases then you can create a referral network of your own and maintain your client.

So what does that mean for you and your client?

It means that instead of your client leaving you to go and see someone else, they will continue to work with you – alongside the other practitioner that you refer, and visa versa.

This way the client feels completely supported (and that is vital with clients of chronic exhaustive conditions as they are often sent home from the GP with no help or support and do not know where to turn.  When you oversee the whole process and utilize the skills of others you are able to support them fully – is an incredible gift to give these clients

It also means that you will maintain your client for longer, You will attract more clients from your team – as you can cross-refer between you.

I know when I was suffering I didn’t want to just see anyone I wanted someone with experience of my condition. That is the key to creating this network; it’s about working with a team of other specialists, so you are all on the same page. You all understand the 8 elements that need to be tackled and the 6 phases of recovery, then together you are able to support each other in supporting your client back to health.

Secret Number 4 – Getting to the Core of the Matter

When dealing with such multifaceted conditions such as these, there are so many layers, it’s like an onion, and as you work with a client, you are able to get deeper and deeper.


One area it is crucial to understand is the way these clients react to certain situations in their lives. This where values and beliefs enter the picture. It is our values system and our core beliefs that create our reality and our behaviours. Did you know there are 13 core beliefs that run patterns that are unconscious and ingrained in our lives? These beliefs have tremendous power over us and actually start running the show.

When they are made conscious – we gain awareness and can make new choices so awareness is key – however it’s not as simple as that!! If only it were.

These beliefs have strategies that we run to support the belief – which give it the fuel to stay alive and have the power. So let me give you an example.

One of the beliefs is “I don’t have the capacity”

This is a common one that drives M.E sufferers and  is one of my personal beliefs (let me just point out, it’s not about getting rid of them either – it’s about being aware that it will kick in every now and then– and then taking the power away from that belief)

So the strategies that this beliefs creates - is always believing you have to expand your resources to get the something done it will convince a person that they don’t have the time, energy, or skills to be able to do what they need to do.

In my own experience of this it meant I didn’t understand what was going on in my body – I didn’t feel I had the support I needed I didn’t have the energy to do what I needed to do  so I re-enforced this belief over and over again. It is very often these unconscious strategies that keep your clients going round in circles.

Other strategies linked to this belief drive behaviours like:

  •  Taking too much on at once
  •  Getting overwhelmed
  •  Controlling physical space and environment
  •  Controlling  food
  •  Controlling  sleep
  •  Controlling the amount they do

The core emotion linked to this belief is fear.

The others that played a big role in my staying ill for so long was my “Not allowed to be capable'' belief ‘I’m unworthy, Unlovable”, “I’m not good enough” and  “Powerless” belief. These are very common amongst these conditions, and they all have their own strategies that re-enforce the beliefs.

So the reason I’m sharing this with you is because these core beliefs have so much power over us – and especially clients with these conditions – and if these core beliefs remain unconscious,  clients can be locked in their symptoms without ever knowing that the simple things they do each day are contributing to keeping them stuck. They will need to be shown how to start shifting their focus which takes the power out of the beliefs.

Can you see how if you don’t tackle these beliefs clients will run the patterns over and over stopping them from getting better?  These core beliefs have to be handled in the right way though, and at the right time. So let’s explore the way we do that in secret 5.

Secret Number 5 - The Intuitive Challenge – The Coaching Approach

Would you describe yourself as intuitive?  I am assuming you are- most practitioners’ we work with are…. Which is why they are so gifted at helping others heal.

So here you are with a client and you have listened attentively to them and you sense there are other things going on that are affecting  relating their health –It may be a hint that they are in a disempowering relationship, or they are pushing themselves to do a job they quite frankly loathe. It may be that you can see that this illness is actually creating a payoff for them or a secondary gain.  Tough when this happens isn’t it? You know this is key to them getting better yet it just seems slightly out of your remit to deal with?


You are concerned that if you discuss it, it will scare them off because this other issue is not what they came to you for?

Another concern might be – what if it opens up a whole can of worms, and you simply don’t have the time to deal with it all in your 1 hour consultation? I bet a client has popped into your head that has this going on.

Now this situation is a key element to not only maintaining your clients, but also being able to support them in transforming their health. Let me explain why?

When a client with chronic exhaustive conditions comes through your door, they will more often than not be in phase 1 – Denial, if they are in phase 2, or 3, then Denial is still a crucial part of those phases. And if that is the case, they are still very much unaware that regaining their wellbeing requires addressing 8 elements not just one.  There will almost certainly be aspects of their life – they are not linking to their health condition.

Now for Elaine this was so obvious when she talks about visiting one of her practitioners who sat there listening as she cried and poured her heart out. The practitioner gave her supplements and then off she went.
At no point did this practitioner challenge her from even though it was clearly evident from what she was saying that her business and lifestyle were contributing massively to her health crash.

Had that practitioner been able to confidently and intuitively challenge what her client was not facing up to Elaine could have make the changes she needed to make years earlier.  It is important to say here that I am not talking about simply telling the client what you think. I am talking about using a style of questioning that can intercept the behaviours and can massively shortcut their journey back to health!!

Elaine story is a common one; she moved on to work with countless practitioners because she didn’t get the support she needed –


We use this ‘ intuitive challenge' with our clients and they always say thank you and stay the course!

Coaching questions are the key! Coaching believes that a client has within them the answers to their own combination lock to health.  You as coach give provide the key to unlock their unique inner wisdom that allows them to break free. 

Coaching is so powerful and has long been recognised as a tool to incite changes in beliefs attitudes and behaviours. It is utilized in many arenas, yet so many practitioners still don’t have this in their toolkit, if you do – then you are in a very powerful position when working with this client group.




Secret Number 6 – How to stop them taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back

What happens to your client when you don’t see them for a few weeks? More often than not, they have taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  Have you noticed that with your own clients? It can be very frustrating wouldn’t you agree. The most common reason is that once they leave you they go home to a life that contains the structures which are supporting their health challenges.  In many cases they are completely unaware of this or have not faced up to it. Back to the intuitive challenge! So if you only have hour with them, how can you possibly give them all they need?

This is where in-between visit support is essential. Clients with chronic exhaustive condition often feel scared, lost and isolated in their condition and fail to return because they lose faith when they slip back and stop progressing.  This is especially common during phases 3 – 6. Which are marked by a relapse and remission cycle that is inevitable.

However, all is not lost. What makes a huge difference is providing ongoing between visit support. This can not only allow them to move more effortlessly through these phases to recovery– it enables you to create a structure that supports the way you work more effectively and give your clients what they need.

This can be in the form of


•    email support
•    phone
•    Skype sessions
•    working alongside other practitioners
•    or an online support programme (this is how we support our practitioners)
•    Awareness raising exercises to keep them focused on recovery

This essential between session support needs to be managed carefully though. Have you had a demanding client who calls you all the time when you are supposed to be having family time or a day off?    For clients who have lost their health and everything they used to know has been stripped away from them.  They have no idea if or when they will get their life back. So it follows that they often feel you are a lifeline for them.  So how do you stop this from becoming too much responsibility and overwhelming?

The answer is in setting clear boundaries and explaining protocols and expectations. This is key – that way they feel supported and you both know where you stand.

This still can be too open-ended for many clients who need more structure and support and it is often those ones who leave to go to someone else. If they are not getting the support they need in all 8 areas they will move on. Which leads me onto the final secret – and this is key…

Secret Number 7 –Packages of Care


This is vital!! Now let me explain why.

When I was suffering and practitioner hopping for many years desperately searching for a specialist and someone that could support me through to recovery, I spent money I didn’t have on things that didn’t help, and never along that road did anyone ever offer me a package of care.

What do I mean by package of care?

This is so important that I really want you to get this. This will not only transform the way in which you can transform the lives of these clients, it will transform the way in which you run your business.

Imagine being able to know your diary is full, what if you could have a waiting list? What if your clients knew how you would be working with them over the next 3 or 6 months – that they didn’t have to spend the little energy they did have searching for help and support in the other areas that you couldn’t help them with, and instead you had laid out a clear package of care – that included being referred to others in your team. So the client could relax and focus solely on their recovery – knowing that YOU are there to support them every step of the way!

Offering them a package of care can take many forms.  It can include

A map of where they are now – and where they are headed – such as the 6 Phases of Recovery, clear Protocols and key areas to be tackled – such as:

•    The 8 Elements of Freedom
•    Nutritional Testing e.g.; candida, parasites and adrenal stress test
•    Healing Treatments
•    Follow up email and phone support
•    Supplements/remedies if you have them
•    Guides if you have written them,
•    Cross referral to your team if you have them,
•    And more importantly the ongoing coaching support that is vital when working with these conditions

If I had been offered this kind of specialist support when I was suffering, and someone had said

This isn’t a quick fix – together we can get you through the other side of this – I will need to work with you for at least 6 months and here is the way I work. I will oversee your progress and will refer you to an appropriate member of my team so we address everything required for you to regain your health’

 I would have felt so relieved, and it would have been brilliant to know how much that kind of care would cost  and in the process saved myself a fortune instead of going to all the wrong places and doing  so many of the wrong things.

When you structure the right package of care for these clients, utilising some of they key areas I have covered in this guide you will stand head and shoulders above those practitioners who do one treatment and let their client decide when to visit them next. Your client will see you as a specialist and sing your name from the rooftops. The best bit is -instead of keep trying to find your clients – they will find YOU!

How do you catch a butterfly?

With a net?

This is like you running round desperately trying to find clients.

They don’t stay long enough for you to make the difference, so you are off out the door trying to find more.

What if….

You could plant a beautiful garden of flowers and let the butterflies come to you.

The shift here is from catching, or looking, to attracting.

This is what becoming a specialist does for you.  It creates an attraction. You stand out and become known for transforming lives. You just watch what happens.


This means that whenever you speak to someone they know instantly what you do, who you are – and more importantly how you can help them! Others know too and referrals find their way to your door.

It will save you the time and energy to more effectively support your clients.
Do what you do best… and transform the lives of these clients that are desperately searching for your help.
That’s it! We have come to the end of your 7 Secrets…

I hope this guide has been useful and has given you lots of ideas and tips.  If you feel you would like to find out more about specialising in this ever-growing and largely unsupported area of M.E, CFS and Fibromyalgia then we would love to meet you. Just come on through to find out more about our 1 day introductory workshop
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The 6 Phases of Recovery
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The power of the referral Team
Coaching - you will experience it first hand

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