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"The Vital Impact you can have with clients with M.E, CFS and Fibromyalgia when you integrate your specialisms with the new cutting edge approach of Well-being Coaching. Stand out from other practitioners with this proven programme."




Elaine Wilkins - Founder of Chrysalis Effect M.E Recovery Coaching Programme

Hi There

I'm Elaine, and I suffered with M.E for 6 years and I'm now well and truly recovered. It took me many years to discover the path to regain my health; learning the do's and don'ts, the process and tools needed, along with specific nutritional support. I now spend my time and passion helping other recoverers to regain their health. As part of that drive I enlighten and work with therapists and practitioners supporting 17 million sufferers across the world. My book Finding M.E  launched at CAM Expo in October and this reveals the real cost of these conditions and inspires belief in recovery.

I am very excited to share with you how we have now made the breakthrough with clients using the foundation of wellbeing coaching which transforms how practitioners are working whatever their client base.

In this 2 part online workshop we will share

Part 1: How Chronic Exhaustive Conditions Develop –

Part 2: How to Transform your Client results and your business –

You will gain powerful Resources To use with Your Clients straight away –

Here’s what some previous attendees have said about our ‘M.E., CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery Workshop’:

“This workshop really helps with confidence in being able to relate to individuals who come seeking help and reassurance. I thought it was excellently presented and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you” - Susan Gardner

“Understanding the M.E Profile, and each stage is critical for how best different health therapies can assist recovery taking place. So much in-depth knowledge about the conditions (which can only be known by those who have suffered- and made me feel that this really was an area in which I wanted to make a difference” 
~ Kristie Gran, Digestive Health Practitioner

“Having a granddaughter diagnosed with fibromyalgia and not knowing how to help her. So for me it was a no brainer I didn't need any persuasion to sign up”An insight into the M.E/Fibro Profile and predisposition and contributing factors was amazing and the link with the 6 phases, The workshop was very well presented and informative, Thank you” Trevor Hunt  Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner

“The workshop helped me to understand why these conditions do not respond well to whatever therapy one may offer and to understand why such clients will only have a few sessions and then give up I was excited by the possibility that I could make a real difference to clients with these conditions and also by the potential to increase my client base and earn well from what I love to do. Thankyou” ~ Terri Caldwell, Homeopath


You will also discover:

The Chrysalis Effect Training Programmes and Protocols

Incredible information that will change the way you help and make a difference


I'm delighted to be Joined by Emma Chapman Sharp - M.E Recovery Specialist - Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist


Emma Champman Sharp ~

Emma says "Before I used this model I was charging £40 and was always wondering where my next client was coming from. Once I learned and implemented this new model the first client I attracted, booked and paid for a complete wellbeing package. I now have the confidence and structure to know I can support my clients more effectively, the way I always dreamed I could"

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Part 2: 2014


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